Shepard Students Reunite During International Trip


Photo by Alissa Robinson

By Ally Mikos

Staff Reporter

This winter break two Shepard students will reunite on a trip across the ocean, where

one of them lives and the other will see for the first time.

Sebastian Bay and Alissa Robinson, were friends last year when Sebastian was a

foreign exchange student at Shepard. Sebastian is from Denmark where Alissa is going to visit

her this year.

Alissa bought her ticket for Denmark this summer and the two planned an event packed,

exciting trip. She is flying to Copenhagen shortly after finals are over. They are staying in

Copenhagen for three days.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. When visiting there, they are planning on seeing

the University of Copenhagen, which is famous for its original Little Mermaid statue, as Denmark

is the country the movie takes place in.

Alissa is also going to go to Sebastian’s hometown, Silkeborg, for Christmas with his


Christmas in Denmark is similar to Christmas in America; it is traditional. The differences

however, include that Danes call Santa the Christmas Man, they decorate their tree with mini

Danish flags, and they dance around their Christmas trees.

“I am so excited to spend Christmas with his family,” said Robinson.

After the holiday, Sebastian and Alissa are going to spend New Year’s Eve in Holland. They are

going to Amsterdam for this.

“Going around Europe with her will be cool, after being in America for a year,” said Bay.

The two are going to the red light district, which consists of churches and historical

centers surrounded by neon lights.

After Amsterdam, they are going to Hamburg, Germany. Alissa is a fourth year German

student and Sebastian took German at Shepard. They are doing this whole journey by train and

will see three countries on the trip.

The two will return back to Denmark after the two and a half week trip, where they will

see museums and try Danish fast food. They will also look at local art around the town.

“Sebastian says McDonald’s is really different there,” said Alissa about new food.

Alissa will fly out of the Copenhagen airport the third, and return the 4th. Alissa says she

is overall very excited about the trip and is ready to relax after this semester, and visit her

Shepard friend.