Winter Break Plans Of Shepard Students

By Ashleigh Guzman, Mia Halteman, Mia Halteman

Staff Reporters

  With winter break approaching fast, and while everybody is preparing for finals, it is important to look forward to taking some time off of school and celebrate the holidays. Winter Break starts on December 20 and we will be meeting again on January 6 for the spring semester of 2020. We asked students from our school about their winter break plans for 2019. 

  Out of all students who answered, about 70% are staying home, and featured activities include celebrating with family, playing video games, meeting with friends and playing sports. Roughly 30% are planning to leave their house – we have some going to Wisconsin, Florida, Vegas and many more states.

  The United States isn’t the only place students are planning to travel to this year. Freshman James J. will be heading to Mexico, and a Senior Jagoda Bartula will be going to Poland. 

  If you don’t have any clue what to do during the time off, we got you covered! Listed below are some ideas for you to spend your break actively and productively:

1.Go for short 15 minute walks everyday to get your body moving!

2.Sign up for volunteering 

3.Finish any assignments the first weekend of winter break so you can relax for the remaining 2 weeks

4.Visit the Christmas tree downtown

5.Bake cookies with friends 

6.Have a movie marathon with your family or friends 

  And finally, enjoy your Winter Break as much as you can – it’s a time of good food, family time and relaxing! 

  We wish you a safe Winter Break and a Happy New Year!