Course Selection – Electives Guide!

 By Ashleigh Guzman, Mia Halteman, Jagoda Bartula

Staff Reporters 

Winter Break is approaching, and it’s fast. You know what else is on the horizon? Coming back from it, and welcoming the New Year with a spring semester! When it starts, it’s time for course selection for all lower classmen. We gathered some information from various elective teachers to give you an idea about how some classes you may be interested in are carried out.


  Digital Media production is like a filming class. In there, you will learn about social media apps, TV networks and shows. You learn to film short movies, edit, and so much more! Typically, the class size is about 15-20 students, with each having an assigned computer to use on their own. The teacher for Digital Media is Jodi Pelini.


  Art Class is one of the more “famous” electives at Shepard High. Usually, you will join Arts 1, which is called Intro to Art. The teacher, Donna Hughes, encourages that all students take her class, regardless of what art skills a student might think they possess. Creativity is endless.


  Choir is a class for kids to learn basic music skills, like singing and reading music notes, as well as learn about different genres and cultures of music. Teacher Roland Hatcher says anyone would be great and very welcome for trying choir! You won’t regret the experience.


 Whether you have a strong voice or just stating out with your singing journey, there are 4 types of choir class you can join – they vary from 40-50 and 18-20 students. Each one matters to create a whole!


  All the above electives are great to expand your experience in high school, and make the time pass by enjoyably. Each class has a teacher that’s waiting for motivated and inspired students just like You! 


  We hope you make the best decisions possible!