Choir Essay

Stefanos Aidonis, Author

The choir was held on December 11th and it was a winter concert. The director for the choir concert is Ronald Hatcher. I’ve asked him some questions regarding the concert and the preparations of the concert. The first question I asked was. “What is the theme of this years concert?” Hatcher replies, “This year’s concert is a Holiday Concert; no specific theme, it could be “Holidays Around The World” since we have a lot of different music represented.” I then asked “How has this year gone so far?” Hatcher replies. “This year has been awesome! It is so exciting to see all the awesome things happening with Shepard Choir.” Then I ask about older classes. “Does the alumni come back for it?” Hatcher replies in “Alumni are welcome back for any concert, but since they are usually on winter break by this time, I believe a lot of alumni do usually come back.” Also i ask about song choices. “Can you say what songs will be played?” He replies in “Songs include “Kay Thompson’s Jingle Bells”, “Hot Chocolate” from the Polar Express, a Venezuelan Christmas song called “El Burrito Sabanero” and a South African Song called “Akekho Ofana No Jesu”. Honors Choir will sing a French Carol “Un Flambeau Jeanette Isabelle” and then we will combine with the band for “Hallelujah’, “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring” and “Christmas Finale.” Replies Hatcher. Lastly I ask “What are you doing to prepare for it?” He replies. “We are practicing every day in class to prepare for the concert; we’ve been working on our music since October. I then ask an audience member Reyna Silva how she felt about the concert. She replied in “The concert brought joy and happiness throughout the gym and it was a blast to sing along and dance in your seat to the songs.” Later on the night Ii asked choir student Lauren Lloyd how she prepared for the concert. She replies in “Practice Practice Practice, That is the key to success.” Lastly,  The concert was a wonderful experience and amazing atmosphere and will encourage others to come next year. They won’t regret it!