Tori The Racer

Ahviona Wilson-Cobbins

Tori Trench is an amazing straight A & B honor roll student that doesn’t stop until she gets what belongs to her. 

Tori started racing at just eight years old.


Tori started racing after following after her father because he did it as a child and she went to all of his tournaments which influenced her to start racing after the fact. Tori said her dad has been racing since a teen but it was out of the city which is in Joliet,IL and the tradition just passed on to Tori.


Tori is a very outgoing talented student who pursued racing for about half of her seventeen years of living. Tori implied “ racing is just very”different “ and”fun “ it’s something you don’t see too many people my age doing , nobody forced me to do it, it was just something that i’ve seen and said “I can do it”

“My dad started racing which made me start pursuing to be a racer,” I don’t have an idol i aspire to be my own”

Racing is not something you can just get in the car and do when you feel like it, you have to really focus and have practice on that particular career to get better and move forward.