Shepard’s Hall Of Fame – Andrei Greska

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By Jagoda Bartula

Entertainment Editor


If you walk down the hallway outside the main office, you may notice several pictures of former seniors hanging on the wall. To have your picture hung on this wall is the highest honor one senior can receive, and, among others, you’ll notice a Shepard graduate Andrei Greska. Andrei continued his education at Marquette University, where he pursued a degree in Journalism. It is a pleasure to see former Astros succeed in what they love doing – and Andrei did just that.


His journalist experience began at Shepard. Greska, who over the three years got the chance to be a writer, sports editor and co editor in chief, accumulated a couple of impressive achievements over the years. His success continued even after high school and college – he worked at FOX Sports Wisconsin as a Digital Content Manager, and is currently running a Marquette Basketball blog which has gotten 2.7 Million views in the past 8 years. He is also working for a publishing company that focuses on nursing journals.


Freedom 7 advisor, Michael Smith remembers Andrei as a great student – “There are students that impact your life as a teacher and Andrei Greska was one such student for me” – said Smith. “He was the finest student I have ever had anywhere. He was brilliant, kind, hard working and athletic at the same time. If your son or daughter turned out like him, you would be very proud”.


One of the refreshing things about Andrei is that he is not only about academics. He let us in on his memories of Shepard’s student life. When asked about giving advice to current student, he answered “I think my experience is probably ancient, even if it’s only 12 years. We didn’t have iPhones until my junior year” – he clarified, before going on with his advice – “The one thing I will say is nothing beats hanging out with my friends playing video games and generally doing dumb things. Those friends may not last forever, but cherish them while they do”. Greska reminds us that no matter how hard schoolwork gets, we should also remember to have fun, because High School doesn’t last forever.


Andrei’s fondest memories of Shepard High included not one individual event, but rather an accumulation of the entire experience. Although it is about the smaller things that gather throughout your 4 years, it’s the bigger picture which will stick with you for the rest of your life.


Aside from having fun and being a dedicated journalist in school, Greska was also the National Honor Society President, played soccer and volleyball. Former head volleyball coach Joan Alderden reads “Andrei was a very talented volleyball player. He worked hard and was dedicated to the team. He always had a smile on his face and was loved by all ”. He also mentioned that his stories were mostly columns on parking related complaints (which Mr.Rollins did not like much).


When asked about Andrei, former coach Dustin DeFrates said “ He was a great athlete starting in goal for three years for the varsity, but he was also a phenomenal person. He was very receptive to coaching and a pleasure to be around. Andrei was a big reason the soccer team was successful and fun to coach during his tenure on our team”.


Whether you’re a freshman who just started their journey with high school, or a senior deciding which school you should choose next, students like Andrei remind us that High School is what you make of it – you can be on top of your work, do what you love, and have a little fun as well, so enjoy it while it’s here, because it’s going to be gone in a blink of an eye.


Pictured below is Andrei with his high school friend Matt Bellassai, and next to a memory from prom is Andrei with his children.