Prom Takes to the Road

By Gavin Quinlan and Alex Muhammad 

Staff Reporters

One milestone in every high school senior’s life is the senior prom. It is nearly universally looked forward  to by seniors. It is a chance for one last dance quite literally and figuratively as a class. It is that last hurrah  before seniors graduate. It is their last get together as a whole class.
This year’s prom will have a much different venue. For Alan B. Shepard High School prom has recently been held at Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier. According to prom sponsor Juan Cruz it has been at that location since the 80s.

This year the prom festivities will be held at The Palmer House Hotel.
The change came as a shock to the many seniors in the class of 2020 considering Navy Pier is one of the most popular places in the downtown area. Students are very familiar with the landmark Ferris Wheel. It provides a beautiful background for Chicago’s amazing skyline.

The Palmer House Hotel is located 17 E. Monroe in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Cruz has been the sponsor for prom for a long time. He explained that the move came down saving money for the students.

The change in venue was made mainly because of the increasing prices at Crystal Gardens

“Over the last few years, Crystal Gardens been raising prices and offering us less and less. Finally, we had to look for a new venue in hopes of being able to seniors the best prom possible,” explained Cruz.

Not only has Crystal Gardens been raising prices but some students have felt that the food has not been as good as it was in the past according to those that have attended multiple proms in recent years.
Cruz thinks the move could pay dividends.

“Sometimes change is good. said Cruz. “We are hoping to offer a new
experience to our seniors this year with a delicious menu. That was starting to suffer recently at Crystal Gardens.”
The new experience can be a great thing for seniors this year. They could be the first ones starting a new tradition at Shepard by being the first class to undergo a change in prom tradition.

The decision to move locations has been made for a while and the new people at the hotel are very friendly and great to work with according to Cruz.

“The hotel is very accommodating,” said Cruz. “We visited the hotel last spring and made the decision shortly after.”

The new establishment for prom can be a good thing or a bad thing. Many seniors won’t get to experience what seniors in recent years experienced, but this year’s class has a chance to rewrite history, so let’s make the most of it.
At the very least this move will save seniors some money, and that can only be a plus.