Former Astro Continues her Journalism Path


Lily King, Editor

      Former Freedom 7 Editor in Chief, and regional champion in news writing Jessie Molloy is still excelling in the field of journalism. 

 Jessie Molloy, is now continuing her journalism career in the so called real world. She currently works for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin newspaper.  

She also worked as a freelance writer for Regional and Reporter in Palos Heights, The Daily Southtown, 22nd Century Media.  She also has experience working as the producer of her college’s campus TV news show, Good Day DePaul.

      While she was a Shepard student, Molloy was involved in speech, drama, Mathletes, she was an NHS member, as well as, being heavily involved with the  Freedom 7.  As a speech team member she competed in Extemp and O.O. – which stands for Original Oratory. She was also involved with several spring plays, contest play and group interpretation productions. 

      She began writing for the school newspaper her sophomore year as a staff reporter. Junior year she then moved up to managing eEditor, and finally she was an Editor in Chief senior year.  

      During her three years involved in Freedom 7, she was able to claim first place in sectionals junior year, second place in sectionals senior year. Both of those efforts qualified her for the state finals at Eastern Illinois University. 

She also helped Shepard win a the first place trophy in the South Suburban Conference the only year there was a team trophy given. There were three categories in the contest. She placed first in news writing along with Dan Nelson who placed first in the yearbook competition. Sam Guidice placed third in copy writing which gave the Astros the trophy. That trophy is currently housed in Mr. Smith’s  room.   

            Molloy credits her involvement in Shepard’s newspaper class as the reason for her current success.

Molloy stated, “It gave me direction for my life after high school.”

Her success comes as no surprise to her former adviser Smith. He stated, “She was one of the hardest workers I have ever been around. She was mature beyond her years and the kinda student that makes you glad you became a teacher.”

      That maturity served her well as she began coaching speech her freshmen year of college.  Since her graduation in 2014 she has coached several seasons of Shepard speech. She mainly coaches extemporaneous while occasionally assisting in radio, as well as, impromptu speaking. 

      When looking back at her time while involved in Freedom 7, Molloy’s remembers some of her favorite articles she wrote.  Her first article ever was an editorial regarding whether marching band was a sport: she recalls it sparking schoolwide controversy for a week.

She also remembers writing monthly updates regarding the presidential election. Another article she specifically remembers is her introductory interview with Dr. Josh Baron when he was the new principal. Baron is currently an assistant superintendent in District 218. 

      Although she specifically remembers some of her past articles, she does not have any specific memories regarding her time while in Freedom 7 – other than when she qualified for state for the first time.  

      Molloy refers to her time while in Freedom 7 as in general, full of silly jokes and late nights while laying out the paper with some other editors and enjoying pizza.

      While Molloy was feeling nostalgic she felt the need to relay a message to current Astros.

      “Enjoy school while it lasts, believe it or not there are things you’ll miss about it later…. Don’t let anybody get you down.  Life can be stressful sometimes, but it has a way of working out,” stated Molloy.