Open Campus is Worth a Look

Emily Durleta, Staff Reporter

          It’s a common thing to see seniors sneak off campus for lunch. They need a break from the same routine of eating the same things everyday for the last four years.They feel the short drive to get something to eat is a break from this routine. Seniors feel that if they meet certain criteria they should be allowed this privilege without penalty. They are advocating for an open campus policy.

          Much controversy has circled around this proposal. It raises with it certain  attendance and security issues.   A great question might be whether open campus lunch would cause more problems or could it be used as an incentive to motivate students.

          At Schaumburg High School seniors and juniors are allowed to go out for lunch. It starts off at the beginning of the year.  Parents need to sign a release form for students to be able to leave. The requirements to be able to leave for lunch is a signed release paper, and all grades must be at a ‘C’ average or higher.

          Schaumburg student, Kylie Stokes, explained,”They scan your ID when you leave and return. It turns red if you’re unable to leave and green if you can.”

          As much of a privilege as it is, it also comes with consequences. If you arrive late, your first time you get a detention. After the first incident, you receive in-school suspension.

      While you get to go out for lunch, you have to keep up with the responsibilities of grades and coming back on time.

          Occasionally Schaumburg still gets those students who sneak off anyways just like any other school, but they are allowing students a privilege given they keep up with their responsibilities.

          Shepard’s policy has not changed simply due to the fact that there has not been an overwhelming amount of push for it. This policy applies to all district 218 schools and none of the representatives on the student voice committee at any of the schools have mentioned this before.

          Brian Roberts, a Shepard assistant Principal, stated,” We would have to factor in how a change in policy would impact students at all three schools. What works at one building might not at another.”

          Although the matter isn’t being discussed at any committees or meetings, off-campus lunch is something many seniors have wanted to have happen despite the lack of initiative to start it up or bring it forth to the district.

          Many administrators do worry that off-campus lunch would be both a security and an attendance issue if it were to be allowed. Not only this, but students might take advantage of this opportunity to miss class or end the school day early.

          Roberts states,” My main concern is students returning late after lunch and missing class time because the line at Portillo’s was too long.”

            There are many un answered questions, but it certainly deserves some consideration.