Vaping Concerns Everyone

By Madelyn Valencia & Saja Hatu

Staff Reporters

Students vaping is a growing and dangerous trend particularly among 15-18 year olds. Vaping is a vaporizer
pen or vape pen (a type of e-cigarette) this is a nifty little device ranging in size from a standard
pen to a large cigar that one can use to inhale heated propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin
and blow out the vapor.
A vape pen carries nicotine, the addictive chemical that intrigues all high school students.
The number of vapers has grown significantly recently, from seven million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018.

Some of these numbers
include high schoolers. Alan B Shepard high school students have been dealing with this
growing addiction. Many students own a vape pen or have tried it. Shepard has put up multiple
signs to persuade teenagers to stop it. Many people who use the vaping pen don’t know the
harm and long term consequences that come with it.
Trouble and lung damage even without toxins of cigarettes is a long term affect that comes with
vaping many students who vape are also in sports and don’t understand that vaping will hinder
their athletic success. Vaping in school has gone worldwide and too many young students are
doing it. Child mind institute has stated that 3 million students and counting came out and said
“the bathrooms shouldn’t smell like blueberry flavoring and the school busses always smell like
a new flavor.”
Stated Oklahoma teacher Christine Pankrants. A Shepard student herself Jenna Samad stated
“When I go to the bathroom during passing periods there would be more than one girl in a stall
passing around the vape pens because it’s so easy to get access to and never get caught.”
It’s a very constant thing that happens, nobody seems to be doing anything about it this ongoing
issue not only happens in the girls bathroom but also in the men’s bathroom. A junior at
Shepard Adrian Blancas expressed “during class people will text each other to go meet in the
bathroom and hit each others pens. It’s like they are addicted to it and have to leave class or go
every passing period or sometimes leave school to go do this.
A former AP biology teacher Chatzivasiliadis has also informed students about the harmful
things vaping has done “nearly 33 teenagers have been killed by vaping. It’s very alarming that
students don’t understand how harmful this is and do it right here in the bathrooms so often.”
Many parents and teachers have shown alarming concern to the issue of vaping and hope that
schools figure out a way to make sure no more vaping is happening and put an end to it.