A Year in Review of a Dedicate Movie Lover

Ally Mikos, Staff Reporter

From Oscar nominees, to animated movies, and action, and adventure, 2019 had many movies. There were several good and also many lacking movies. Some bring the worst movies I have ever paid to see, and some I paid to see multiple times. This is a list of every movie I saw in 2019 ranked. My assessment is based on overall entertainment.

14. Coming in last place is It Chapter 2. The elements of this movie should work, as the cast of losers come back to the town of their haunting, but it fails to truly capture what It is about. The movie should be a reuniting of friends to take down what has bogged them down their whole lives, instead the movie turns into a flashy and gory horror show. Parts of this movie were upsetting and I found myself turning away. The one good thing about this movie is the cast. I find each member fits the role of the child they are portraying. But overall I would still rate this movie a D-.

13. Coming in 13th is Once Upon a Time in the Hollywood. The narrative of this movie was strong but the plot was not; Quentin Tarrintino pays tribute to 1960s Hollywood in this movie, but does not tell a true story. He only takes us through the day of three Hollywood personalities, ending in a very unpredictable way. This movie was taxing and was uneasy in many parts. I once again found myself turning away at some parts. The acting, again, in this movie was wonderful, including a standout performance by Julia Butters. The cinematography as well was phenomenal, and one of the best parts of this movie. Overall, this movie would be a D+.

12. Coming in 12th is Aladdin. The 2019 remake of this movie fails to capture the magic of the first one, but still brings a Disney whimsy to it. The cast of Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud, and Will Smith did not stand out. Mena Massoud’s singing voice did not compete with the original. The original songs were good but not catchy. The costumes and set were unique and alluring and Jasmine and Aladdin’s culture was represented in the movie. This movie was good, but if I was going to put on an Aladdin, I would put on the 90s version. Overall I would give this movie a C.

11. Coming in 11th is Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. This movie is enchanting and fun, but does not have the delight of the first one. This sequel has the quality in plot, acting, and costumes and sets as the first one, but does not have the execution. Maleficent is missing for a part of the movie and therefore her good nature is not as revealed as last time. Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie are wonderful actresses and portray their parts beautifully. Michelle Pfeiffer is convincing in an evil role. Overall I would give this movie a C, but what bumps this above Aladdin is that it is not trying to be another movie. This movie has originality, thus it is higher on the list.

10. Coming in 10th is Rocket Man, the Elton John Story. Elton John shows his life through this biopic, but it does not have the same flare as other biopics because he does not sing his music. He also tries to use meta elements, where the actor talks to the camera, but this does not play well and is distracting. Taron Egerton, who plays John, gives a  convincing and fair performance. Overall this is a decent movie with the music of Elton to make it light, and I would give it a B-.

9. Coming in ninth is Aquaman. This movie, as a DC Comics movie, captures the comic book element, and plays into the silliness of comics. The origin story is fun and Jason Moma gets into his character and convinces the audience of his fishy side. The love story was not very strong or believable. This is an easy going movie, and while the plot is not that deep, it is as good as it is lighthearted. Overall I would still give this a B-, despite it not being on par with other comic book movies.

8. Coming in eighth is Marriage Story, a sad tale of the divorce of two people. This movie is not something you would watch for a fun time. This academy Award nominated movie goes through the story of the initial split of two people and then examines the reasons and how it affects the child. It shows how lawyers can twist things and also shows the power of love. This movie is not delightful and many people watch movies to enjoy them and have fun, so overall this ranks lower on the list and I would give this a B.

7. Coming in seventh is Knives Out, a silly who done it; this movie goes through the detective process and has humorous moments with a captivating plot line. The screenplay is well thought out over several hours. The twists and turns make an interesting ending. There were parts in this movie that were boring and it had lulls, so that knocks this down lower on the list, but overall this movie gets a B+.

6. Coming in sixth is Spider-Man Far From Home. Spider-Man created an action packed yet funny tale of an adventure to Europe. The story is the last of phase 4 of Marvel and it leaves more to be desired, but in a good way. This movie makes you anxious for the next Marvel movies. Spider-Man is lower on the list, because this sequel lacks the simplicity of the first movie, which I think is what they were going for, but it didn’t entirely work, and it seemed like they took on a lot.

5. Coming in fifth, the Movie Yesterday uses the songs of the Beatles to show the effect of the music on the world. Yesterday is happy and shows how fame can affect you and also how music does. It uses timeless songs of the Beatles and punches a movie out of them. It uses John Lennon as CGI in an amazing way. Furthermore, the movie is lower down on the list because it had some boring parts as the movie was so low stakes. It was just a fun movie, and overall gets an A-.

4. Coming in fourth is A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the heartwarming tale of a cynical journalist who has to write a piece on Mr Rogers, and truly shows the good-hearted nature of him. This biopic type of movie shows what a phenomenal person Mr. Rogers is and makes you feel good. It is a simple story but shows how the goodness of the way a person is makes a difference. Overall, this is a happy movie, again with low stakes, putting it in at an A.

3. Coming in third is Little Women. This adaptation of a classic book is outstanding in visuals, and it brings the book justice. Although this movie has been done many times, this new version is delightful and captivating. Remaking a movie that has been made before may make a dull end result, but director Greta Gerwig renovates an old story to be perfect in this day and age.

2. Coming in second is Toy Story 4. This Disney/Pixar movie is extremely happy and enjoyable. It is an adventure of the toys we have come to love to get back to the ones who love them. This movie was made for the current generation heavily as they have grown up attached to and loving these toys, but it truly shows the power of love an adventure in a film. The plot is excellent and Disney does not fail to bring this original movie credibility. Many people have been concerned about Pixar only making sequels, but this movie was worth it. After 10 years of waiting for another Toy Story, it delivered. Overall this movie is an A+, but it comes lower on this list as it did not quite have what the other movie did.

1. The winner for best movie of the year on this list is Avengers Endgame. After 11 years of this franchise, it closes out phenomenally. The CGI was incredible, not to mention the plot line, which they thought out many details of. The visuals of this movie are bone chilling at some points, and though many moments of this movie are computer images, the cinematography is still done exquisitely. The payoff was incredible for fans of this movie and the crowd was cheering loudly at many points. Overall this movie would also be an A+.