New Math Class Implemented for Seniors

Evelyn Ortega, Entertainment Editor


The SAT is something juniors practically hear about in their sleep. For juniors it is a much anticipated and often dreaded test that comes in early April. This year’s test is on April 14.

The SAT exam consists  of four objective tests and a rhetorical analysis essay. Two of the four objective tests are math tests. This year the math results may impact what math class students will take senior year.

If students do not meet a minimum standard of 530 on the math portion, they will be strongly encouraged to take Transitions to Math class. 

In the past students have been able to take nearly any math class they desired.  Students have been able to opt in any math class they want, despite their test scores in the past. 

Now students who score lower than 530 will be recommended to take a remedial class if they score below the benchmark. It was announced that students who score below the benchmark will be able to take a remedial math class that opts students out of taking a placement test at Moraine Valley.

It is not officially required. Students can still take any other senior-level math class, but would have to take a placement exam and remedial classes at Moraine Valley. 

According to Dr. Jeannine Prucha, the math curriculum director stated, “We have been meeting with Moraine Valley Community College and other local high schools to develop the course “Transition to College Math” which will replace our old “Applied Math” course for seniors.”

She also mentioned that this class is open to seniors who have passed the math grade requirement and are below the state benchmark on the PSAT/SAT. 

Shepard High School teacher Dustin DeFrates stated a meeting took place to present this new upcoming change for the school year. 

DeFrates stated,” We talked about the placement of junior students for the senior year math. We were introduced to this proposal. It was not explained that kids at an SAT of 530 and above would be put into Trigonometry/College Algebra and below that would be placed into Transitions to College Math.

Transitions to college math is a beefed up senior year offering that if successfully taken and could get students out of remedial math in Moraine Valley without a placement exam. 

Not only does this new class save students from taking a remedial math class in college, but it also saves them time and money. 

Concerns were brought up that bars were placed too high for students who needed extra help. Teachers believe this is an opportunity to help students save time and money. 

Prucha added, “Based on their future plans, students are welcome to take other senior math classes with us in addition to this class. Students should talk to their math teacher for specific advice based on their PSAT/SAT scores and future plans.”

This change will soon benefit many students. Many teachers believe this is a great opportunity to help students get one up at Moraine Valley. Although some teachers are worried about the heavy reliance on a test score, they believe it will be beneficial.

The new Transitions to College Math is a new upgrade to Applied Math. This new class will give students a good challenge no matter what course they end up in.