A Tour Guide to College Visits

Jailyn Lewis

Many of us have seen our classmates visit multiple colleges and some of us wonder how they
went about doing so. Were they recommended?

Did they speak with someone about that college? Are they being recruited? How did they make it happen

Shepard arranges trips to colleges for the students.  Some tips include doing a little bit of research. When planning to visit colleges it is advisable to print out a map of the college campus.

You really want to have an agenda set highlighting what you want to see.

Athletes should pay particular attention to the facilities.

Talking with students that currently go to that school is also a must. No one is more qualified to advise you than the students who currently live there.
Ask questions about where they study? Eat in the cafeteria. Go to a party. Ask current students what they like best about their school.

Take notes write down all you can about your experience there.

Here are some additional questions a touring high schooler might ask:

● What are the best reasons to go to this college?
● What do you wish was different about your college?
● If you could change something what would it be?
Also a few questions to ask the financial aid office:
● What is the average income of graduates who keeps the same major when they FIRST
● How much do your students usually end up owning when they graduate?
● What is the most common major students choose?
There are many ways to go about planning a college visit and many resources you can take advantage of.