Global Warming

By Brooklyn Pryor

Staff Reporter

A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere or global warming as it is commonly known as is attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutions .

Things on earth and earth itself are becoming deadly due to increased levels of
carbon dioxide and substances containing pollution in the earth’s atmosphere.
Animals of different species and soon humans will come become extinct eventually if steps are not taken to alleviate this growing problem.

Plants are dying. The ocean is becoming polluted and the weather is even changing as a result of this problem with our earths atmosphere.

Many experts believe that the recent fires in Australia were greatly affected by the climate change that resulted from global warming.

The fires were the worst Australia has experienced since 2009.since 2009. 2,000 homes
have been destroyed.

24 people have died along with one billion animals.

Some of the fire was caused or at least made worse by Mother Nature. Although man is largely responsible for the fires starting.
Earth’s Heat wave is at its ultimate high, spreading the wild fire with great

Global warming has taken a big toll on natural disasters.
Pollution from factories, carbon dioxide from cars, buses and people in general has made things far worse.

Cutting down on liter, recycling are a couple small steps people could make to help diminish the problem. Something needs to be done.

The most pessimistic outlook is that by 2050 the nation could collapse There’s a slight chance the nation could collapse if nothing is done.
If everyone comes together, the world would be a better place and global warming wouldn’t be a problem today.  Other steps that might help are car pooling to cut down on driving, cutting down on hot water usage, conserving electronic energy.

Then there are things people wouldn’t mind doing, that they can start doing, such as planting  more trees,  and getting  politicians involved.
If politicians put some time and effort into global warming the environment would
be a healthier place. They have the power and authority to do so many things, global
warming can be one of them.

They can set goals and enable states to create tailored plans to meet them.

If presidents set goals, people will follow the movement. If we continue
Obama’s plan for global warming, citizens wouldn’t regret it.