Couponing 101: a Guide for Shepard Students

Stefanos Aidonis

   Couponing is an awesome way to save money. Especially for high school and college students. This can help many teens to save money.

There are many methods on how you can coupon. And it can definitely save somebody’s a great deal of money.

There are three different types of coupons. Electronic is one kind. Electronic is when you find the coupons on your phone or any device and you can ring it up on the computer.

The other option is paper coupon where you can find them on newspaper or even the catalog of the store. This one is the most popular because it is easier to do. Simply cut it up and use it. It is that simple.

And lastly the last type of coupon is the ones where they them on the stands or when it says two for three Those are the ones that they have laying out.

I have asked a couple classmates if they ever tried couponing and they gave me mixed results. I asked senior, Caroline Lepak, “Do you coupon?” She replied, “Yes, I try to coupon as much as possible because it is a Great way to save money and a good skill to have when you are on a budget”. Caroline has a great answer because it is indeed a great skill to have.

Delaney Churin coupons nearly once a week.

“I try to coupon at least four times a month because I am on a budget, “said Churnin. I plan to leave for college soon. I need money to save up in my savings account. And couponing helps me survive”

Couponing is an amazing skill to have and learn by yourself. I asked

Senior Ahviona Wilson actually enjoys couponing.

“I love to coupon it is so fun and different i always have a blast while doing couponing it is a stress reliever for me it is calming, especially at night., said Wilson.  “Couponing helps many people live and survive.”