A Poem

Guest Author

This here’s a poem all about forced rhyme

Because I feel that it’s time to shake things up a bit.

People’re always talkin’ ’bout how my rhymes are forced, like I’m reading from a script

Well that is horse crap poppycock

Gun, barrel, lock and stock.

See how I turned that turn of phrase around?

Know why I did it?

Just for the sound

And I’ll do it again, you’ll see, because

Words that rhyme sound good to me.

They’re like birds of a feather flying together over fields of heather in inclement weather


I don’t always have to rhyme.

For example: spaghetti.

But I’ll probably pull out a word like confetti

Or sugar and spice and everything nice

And I’m going to rhyme this word

Not once

Not twice

But thrice


You might think I’m a spaz

Well you’re right

But please, remember this one thing to be true

I wouldn’t lead you astray

Oh no, not you

Just because a poem rhymes

Doesn’t mean it’s forced

Sometimes poems rhyme

And sometimes the don’t.