Scholastic Bowl

Nick McLawhorn, Staff Reporter

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Scholastic Bowl is a quiz game that tests players on a wide variety of academic subjects. The questions are random and are based on topics ranging from subjects like history, science, and math to religion, sports, and pop culture.

The competitions can range from three teams to as many as 25 teams in the state tournament. The competitions consist of three rounds and each team has five players competing at a time. After every round, coaches decide if they want to make any substitutions or keep the same five players. Players earn points by hitting their buzzer before their opponents and answering the question correctly.

The Shepard Scholastic Bowl season has gotten under way. This year, Alan B. Shepard’s scholastic team is hoping to take home a conference title. Head coach Meghan Brewczynski is excited about the team’s chances, “We’re really hoping to beat Oak Lawn this year,” said Brewczynski, “They’re always really good.” Argo and Oak Lawn are very competitive this year but coach Brewczynski and her team are ready for the challenge. It is very difficult to be a winning Scholastic Bowl team.

Both Varsity and JV are having early success. At their first meet, Varsity won all three rounds and JV despite only having two out of five players won two of three rounds. The varsity squad is led by Becca Ruger-Smith, Alana Born, Andy Mutzbauer, Haley Goebel, and Adam Zatar. They are the highest point earners so far this year.

Because the questions are random, the competitions are very tough. A team can’t have five kids that specialize in only one subject. Everyone needs to contribute to the team in multiple areas and memorize information in many different topics.

JV has had some success the past two years placing in first and second in conference. Shepard hopes on winning their next meet on 2/7. The Shepard Scholastic Bowl team is looking forward to competing for conference on February 14 at Eisenhower. Good luck Astros!

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Scholastic Bowl