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Girls Basketball

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Some of top players on the team are Cassidy McCarthy, Jess Coyle, Kylie Radz, and Jourdan McBride. There top scorer is Cassidy McCarthy who averaged 11.9 per game a year ago as a junior. Their starting five is Kylie Radz, Cassidy McCarthy, Kaci Jasik, Jourdan McBride, and Jess Coyle. There are 14 players on the roster.

The seniors on the team are Quinn Mitchell, McCarthy, McBride, Jasik, Caitlin Novak, Monique Joseph, and Coyle. Junior team members are Fefe Norton, Reagen Monahan, Radz, Sabreen Ballout, Kayla Jackson, Veronica Janik, and Jyana Washington.

According to Ricardo Gamino the team’s biggest strength is their varsity experience and leadership. Their defense is another strength, but they need to improve on defense, rebounding, and taking care of the ball.

The leading scorer is Cassidy McCarthy, Kylie Radz leads in assists. Jessica Coyle is the leading rebounder, and Veronica Janik leads the charges. The team captains are Cassidy McCarthy, Jessica Coyle, Kylie Radz. There conference record is 3-4. There only need to improve on mental toughness. They have shown great progress since the beginning. The team’s mental toughness has gotten better and it’s something they need to work on every day.

The most surprise player has been Quinn Mitchell. “She has been stepping up her”, said Gamino. She brings so much energy to the court, it gets her teammates playing better. Regan Monahan also brings forth a great defensive effort. Every game they won is a great highlight, there have been some games where they haven’t come out without with the victory but their preparation and effort for the game has been really nice to see.

Veronica Janik, Jourdan McBride, kylie Radz, Regan Monahan, and Cassidy McCarthy, all taking multiple charges throughout the season so far. Jessica Coyle leading the team diving for loose balls. He also appreciates Coyle efforts for diving for the loose balls.

Jourdan McBride has the ability to score by attacking the basket and has developed herself a good mid-range shot. She plays with a lot of intensity

Jessica Coyle is a very strong and physical player. She is our most vocal player on the court. She provides a lot of help on defense for the team. She is the leading rebounder and has multiple games with double digit rebounds.

Kylie Radz is a true point guard. She can take care of the ball and get us into our offense (leading the team in assists). Along with being a good passer, she also has the ability to score attacking the basket or hitting the 3.

Cassidy McCarthy has the ability to play both sides of the court at a very high level. Defensively she can get out and apply some pressure, get into passing lanes, and she looks to take charges. Offensively she is our leading scorer and leading the team in 3 pointers. She can attack the basket and finishes strong.

The team needs to improve on consistency if they want to get over that .500 mark in conference play. The team goals for the rest of team is to finish strong, mental toughness, and win the next game. There current record is 6-19 and their conference record is 4-7. They play Richards today.


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Girls Basketball