2017-2018 Staff

Jourdan Jackson

Staff Reporter

My name is Jourdan Jackson and I'm a junior. I just recently transferred here and this is my first time doing newspaper. I am a versatile writer, but I enjoy writing articles on sports. I am part of the basketball team and in...

Nick McLawhorn

Staff Reporter

I am a senior with a ton of school pride. I have played baseball, basketball, and football all four years. I am in NHS and Student Voice. I joined newspaper to help encourage others to be involved during their time in high school.

Scott Gardner

Staff Reporter

Hello everyone my name is Scott Gardner, I am a senior at Alan B. Shepard High School. This is my very first year as a writer for the schools newspaper. Writing is very fun to me because I get to express my feelings and thoughts...

Angeline Schmelzer


Hello!! I am Angeline Schmelzer and Editor-in-Chief of the Freedom Seven News. I have enjoyed my years here at Shepard, but I can’t wait to graduate and start a new life in college. I love to write and plan on being a journalist...

Kyle Ross

Staff Reporter

My name is Kyle. I write, that’s about it. I’m a sophomore, and it’s my first year at this school. It’s also my first year in newspaper, so that’s interesting I guess. I want to be an author.  I rolled a dice to pick...

McKenzie Reh

News Editor

My name is McKenzie. I am currently a junior. I like to read fictional books. My favorite book series that I have read is the Harry Potter book series. I also love to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix. I like writing news articles...

Declan Quinlan

Staff Reporter

I am a senior at Shepard. I am a middle child in a family of 5. My favorite type of articles to write are sports articles. I was the running back on the football team this year.

Trevor Lorek

Staff Reporter

My name is Trevor Lorek and I am a part of baseball and soccer. I like to party. My favorite things to do are watch sports and TV. I can't wait to go to college, even though I love high school. My favorite foods are any kind of...

Emily Jordan

Staff Reporter

Hey! I'm Emily and I'm the human version of a strawberry. At least that's what the lunch ladies call me. I'm a sophomore and this is my first year in newspaper. I love art and theater. I've been drawing since I was little and...

Bradley Fox

Editorial Editor

My name is Bradley Fox and I'm a senior. I'm the Editorial Editor for the Freedom Seven. I like listening to music and watching hockey and racing. I am on the speech team and in the auto club at Shepard. I like newspaper because...

Anthony Lopez

Staff Reporter

My name is Anthony Lopez, I'm a senior pitcher on the baseball team. I am very passionate about sports and sports writing. I come from a very large family in which I'm the second oldest of 10 kids. I'm very outgoing and family...

Liliana Esparza

Staff Reporter

My name is Lili and I'm a senior here at Alan B. Shepard High School. I spend most of my days working and hanging out with my friend. I often don't have much time for after school activities but when given the chance I attend...

Jason Krause

Staff Reporter

I like to hang out with my friends and play sports. I am on the Cross Country team. I took newspaper because I want to see my name in the school's paper. My future is to study culinary at Moraine Valley.

Jackson Busch

Entertainment Editor

Hi my name is Jackson Busch and I'm interested in reading, writing, and architecture. I'm in the robotics club and I chose newspaper because of my joy of writing. After high school I plan on going to Moraine Valley for two years...

Emilie Bowman

Sports Editor

Hi my name is Emilie and I'm a junior. This is my second year on the Freedom Seven staff and this year I'm head sports editor. Along with writing for school, I write for the Crestwood Township Newspaper as a featured writer. I...

Valerie Banis

Staff Reporter

My name is Valerie Banis and I'm a senior here at Shepard. I really enjoy photography. I also like helping my friends through their issues. I am in photo club and played volleyball for nine years. I took newspaper because I enjoy...

Adrian Araiza

Staff Reporter

My name is Adrian Araiza and I'm 18 years old. I play baseball as an outfielder and am a staff reporter for the Freedom Seven. I enjoy writing about sports.

Nadia Amoah

Staff Reporter

Hi, I am Nadia Amoah and I'm a junior. I am on the Astros Dance team and enjoy expressing my feelings and emotions through it. Newspaper is just another example of something I use to express emotions and feelings. My goal for...

Morgan Miller

Feature Editor

My name is Morgan Miller, I am a senior in high school and a feature editor. Some hobbies and interests are coloring, singing, fishing, watching T.V. I love food, dogs, and spending time with my family. I'm newspaper because I...